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April 12, 2005

Executive changes afoot at Universal

Whedonesque is reporting that Firefly/Serenity supporter and Universal Vice Chairman of Worldwide Production, Mary Parent is moving on to a different role within Universal. Hopefully this won't have any negative effect on marketing for Serenity or the possibility of getting Serenity 2 & 3, but it shouldn't hurt to kindly remind Universal how excited you are for Serenity.

April 4, 2005

Finding Serenity available now.

Jane Espenson's book Finding Serenity is now available on Amazon and at your local bookstore. Finding Serenity is a collection of essays about Firefly and Serenity. Writers include Jane (writer of "Shindig"), the lovely Jewel Staite, and Keith R.A. DeCandido (author of "Serenity" novelization). So far reviews have been fairly positive. My copy arrives soon, and I'll post a review as soon as I finish it.

Jewel shows up to the Vancouver Firefly Meetup

As she hinted she might, Jewel and her husband showed up to the Vancouver Firefly meetup. Have I mentioned how cool hour BDH's are? Here's a pic.

First Serenity Comic to be available July 6th

Dark Horse has released information about the first Serenity comic tie-in.

March 31, 2005

A great "podcast" about Firefly from Screen Gems

Screen Gems has posted a "podcast" editorial about Firefly, that absolutely HAS to be heard by fans and non-fans alike. (Is there such a thing as a non-fan, or are they just fans waiting for their chance to see the show.) My favorite quote "Yep, it surely is the best Sci Fi series that's ever been made." Praise doesn't come much higher than that.

March 18, 2005

Joss Signs on for Wonder Woman

Well the rumors turned out to be true, Joss Whedon will be writing and directing the Wonder Woman movie. I'm a bit divided about this, on the one hand I'm disappointed because it means Joss won't be writing and directing Serenity 2 & 3 anytime soon. On the other hand, if Wonder Woman does well, then Joss's Hollywood rep will go up, and hopefully that will increase the likely hood he'll be allowed to do Serenity 2 & 3 (unless that becomes too small of a fish for him...grrr argg at the thought!) No filming date has been announced.

Another con

I just learned about another con that is going to feature some of our BDH and Joss:

Wizard World March 18 -20 (Today - Sunday), Long Beach, CA
Joss, Nathan, Jewel, Morena and Sean

March 12, 2005

England Here I Come, Art, Cons and more

Sorry for the lack of news updates lately, between my insane work schedule, business trips, trade shows and cons, my life has been and is going to continue to be insanely busy between now and June. So news updates will be continue to be sporadic. In the mean time please if you hear some good Firefly or Serenity news, post it on the message board. Also poster order fulfillment will also continue to be slow (expect about 3-4 weeks for delivery). I still plan on getting around to posting my video from Wondercon soon (of course I still haven't gotten around to last years Comic Con and Dragon Con videos, so don't hold your breath.)

Serenity / Firefly Cast Painting

I've received a lot of questions about this cast painting, so here is the info: It was created by artist Jason Palmer, this is the second version of this painting he's done, the first was never fully colored. Rumor has it, Joss has a copy of this hanging in his office. You can learn more about the artist at his website:

Starfury Serenity

Now for the really good news, thanks to Anna (a local firefly fan who also just happens to work for both an airline and hotel chain) I'm going to the Starfury Serenity Con! Woo! So if you are going to be there, look for my shiny bald head (or orange Jayne hat) and say hi.

Cons (short for conventions, in case you were wondering)

It's almost getting difficult to keep track of all the Cons that our BDH (big damn heros for you newbies) are attending, But here is a quick summary from memory, please let me know if I've missed any:

Grand Slam - March 12 (Today!), Pasadena, CA
Adam Baldwin & Alan Tudyk

I-CON 24 - April 8 - 10, Ronkonkoma, NY
Announced Guests: Jewel (and a bunch of people I don't know)

Starfury Serenity - April 29 - May 1, Heathrow UK
Announced Guests: Morena, Alan, Jewel, Summer, Nathan & Adam (Adam my have to cancel due to his TV show commitments)

Whedonverse and Beyond - July 8-10, Sacramento, CA
Nathan, Adam & Jonathan Woodward ("dead" guy in The Message)

Comic Con - July 14 -17, San Diego, CA
ALL NINE cast members plus Joss are planning to attend!

Dragon Con - September 2 - 5, Atlanta, GA
No official announcements, but rumors are at least 3 of the cast will show.

I'll be attending Starfury, Comic Con and Dragon Con, so I look forward to meeting many of you there.

February 21, 2005


I'm back from Wondercon, and it was a blast. The cast and Joss were hi-larous, as usual, (in spite of Joss being very under the weather) and all you browncoats raised about $2,000 for Tsunami relief, including a generous donation from Joss. Joss also formally announced the Serenity comic that will fill in the story between the end of the TV show and the beginning of the movie - this would probably explain the mysterious Amazon listing. I'll file a full Wondercon report in the message boards, including photos and videos, as soon as I recover.

Jewel update

Jewel updated her blog, and reminded us all to get the Serenity buzz going NOW!

February 15, 2005

Serenity book by Joss Whedon

A rather mysterious listing has shown up on Amazon and for a book called "Serenity" by Joss Whedon. Based on the length, 160 pages, it's probably the screen play.

February 14, 2005

Wondercon Here I come

In case you missed my mention in the message board, I'm going to Wondercon. This will be my fourth "sci-fi con" in just over a year. Considering I'd never been to one before... It just goes to show how much this show has impacted my life. If you are going to be there, drop me a note, maybe we can meet up. Speaking of meet ups, I'll be at in the fan room from Saturday 3 to 7 or so, and I'll be showing some never before posted "behind-the-scenes" photos from my day on the set. Hope to see many of you there!

Happy valentines day

Not much Serenity news today, so I thought I'd stray WAY off-topic and get a little personal with you all. And since I run this place, I shouldn't get into too much trouble... I'll get right to the point, yet another Valentines day has gone by and I'm still single, and I'm looking to change that. Like I said, right to the point. :)

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not down — far from it. In fact I'm very happy with where I've been and where I'm going in life. I'm just looking forward to traversing more of the road ahead with somebody else. Of course that begs the question, why am I still single. I've had two long-term relationships, but it's been a while. Two reasons really, I'm far too busy to date much, and what little dating I do, I'm having a difficult time finding women with common interests. I've tried the online dating thing, but that hasn't worked. Then it hit me today, about 2000 people visit this site everyday, and ALL of them share at least one interest.

So I've started a Browncoat Dating thread on the message board. Maybe with some luck we'll get a few flans together. And if all this seems weird or inappropriate... then too bad, it's my site. :)
- Jeremy

February 13, 2005

MSNBC Confirms Serenity Comic

As was rumored quite some time ago, MSNBC has confirmed plans for a Serenity comic that will tell the story of what happened to Serenity's crew between before the movie events and after the TV show events. No confirmation on the animated version, though I've heard it's still in the works.

February 5, 2005

Firefly book table of contents

The table of contents of the upcoming book Finding Serenity: Anti-Heroes, Lost Shepherds, and Space Hookers in Joss Whedon's Firefly has been posted on Keith R.A. DeCandido LiveJournal. Keith, Jewel and Jane Espenson all contribute to the book. Keith is also the author of the Serenity novelization.

January 29, 2005

Serenity to be previewed in London

For those of you going to Starfury:Serenity, Chris Buchanan and Joss's assistant Michael Boretz have arranged for a preview of "Serenity" on February 8th. Which oddly is months before the actual convention. Lucky Londoners! Now if they'd just have a special showing for guerilla marketers and the fan boards that support them... ;)

Speaking of the Starfury:Serenity con, I'm still waiting to hear from any travel agents... Somebody help find me a good deal, and I'm there.

January 19, 2005

OSC gives Firefly a thumbs up

Orson Scott Card, writer of "Ender's Game" and one of the best sci-fi authors of our time has written a great review of Firefly. Great quotes:

Firefly was, in my opinion, the best space-opera sci-fi series ever on television [...] I could make a good case for Firefly being the best western on television since Maverick.

January 19, 2005

Serenity in the news

Last week's issue of TVGuide included a small blurb about Serenity, and SciFi portal posted some spoilery comments from one of the "guest" stars of the movie. However in the interest of keeping this site 100% spoiler free from now on, I'm not going to link directly to it.

Starfury Convention

Because of the cost of airfare and hotel, I've managed to talk myself out of attending the Starfury Serenity convention in Heathrow London. However, if there are any travel agents out there that can get me a good deal (Utah to anywhere in England, or worse case Vegas to England) about 1-3 days before the con (April 29), I might just be persuaded to change my mind. :)

January 16, 2005

The Year of Serenity

September may seem like a long ways off, but at least we can now say it's THIS year! Serenity news has been slow this month, so I'm going to take this time to remind everybody that fans (or should I say flans) can make a huge difference at the box office. So cruise on over to the guerilla marketing section, and keep sending in your ideas!

Spread the word, this is the year of Serenity.

December 29, 2004

Site update: Message board is back up.

Turns out it was much more than "server upgrades" apparently there was a nasty worm spreading around the internet that used google to find phpBB message boards and exploited a security hole. Being that I'm a Mac user and very unaccustomed to viruses and worms, I found the whole thing very unsettling, and quite a pain the in the butt to fix. But all's good, please resume your posting.

December 27, 2004

Site update: Message board is temporarily down.

Due to some server upgrades, the message board will be down for a few days. Those of you writing the "Quote of the day" had better keep writing cause you are going to have some catching up to do. :)

December 24, 2004

Joss talks about the Serenity Screening.

Yes, I know this is old news, but I've been out of the loop working on a big (Hollywood!!) project. Read Joss's comments on Whedonesque.

Merry Christmas!

December 15, 2004

An excellent spoiler-free review.

Great review "DamnitGirlie" Thanks!

Joss Whedon and Chris Buchanan were at the screening.

Several browncoats spotted Joss at the screening and some extra lucky browncoats got to spend an hour and half chatting with Chris in the parking lot after the screening. I've had two very similar opportunities (one right after the show was canceled and the second when I was on the set), and I can honestly say, you couldn't ask for a more fan friendly producer in the world. He's so generous with his time when it comes to the fans. Thanks Chris!

Reviews are arriving!

Reviews are starting to trickle in; here and here. Favorite quote so far, from TheZeppo on Whedonesque:

"Serenity will let no Joss fan down, no science fiction fan down, and no movie fan down. Period."


Apparently I made the cut (so far)!! tlacook said:

"Yep! you are very visible and there was cheering. 'There's Jeremy!'"

YESSS! Now, I just hope all of us BDE (Big Damn Extras) made the cut.

On second thought, no plot spoilers PERIOD!

From what I've read so far, it sounds like there are some great surprises in the movie and that even minor spoilers will probably ruin or at least water them down.

So new policy here. No more plot spoilers PERIOD. It was one thing when it was just a rumor here and a rumor there, but now that a bunch of you have seen it, it's getting too dangerous. So I'm closing down the spoiler room, and I'll avoid posting plot spoilers here in the news, and please don't send me any spoiler via email either. Thanks for your understanding.

December 14, 2004

Several Browncoats manage to get themselves invited to the Serenity screening!

The Serenity test screening was tonight at 7pm PST. So far at last count 5-6 Browncoats managed to get in. Please post your spoiler-free comments/reviews here, and your spoilers here (Let's not drop any big spoilers, even in the spoiler area, please.)

And would somebody please tell me if my tattooed head made the cut? Thanks.

December 13, 2004

Test screenings for Serenity start tomrrow!

Rumor has it, test screenings start in LA tomorrow for Serenity. Oh to live in SoCal. I don't have any info on how to get tickets, but my personal experience is that they tend to give them away to tourists around the famous Chinese Theater in Hollywood.

If you happen to score a ticket, send me your 100% spoiler-free review and I'll pos it! (Post spoilers in the spoiler room. If you like.) So, please, I don't want to hear that Jayne get's killed in the first 10 minutes. (Don't worry, I just made that up.. I hope.)

December 8, 2004

Video interviews with the cast!

IESB.NET has posted video interviews with Nathan, Alan, Summer and Morena. Sadly Windows Media is required. :( (Firefly cast deserves the quality of QuickTime if you ask me... but nobody did.)

Summer Glau talks about Serenity, Firefly and Joss has also posted an excellent interview with Nathan. (minor spoilers)

December 7, 2004

Summer Glau talks about Serenity, Firefly and Joss has posted an excellent interview with Summer. (minor spoilers)

"...People kept coming up to me during the movie and saying, “You know, I’ve been worrying about you Summer because who is ever going to write a story for you like this again?” I’m so lucky."

December 6, 2004

Serenity stars attend Universal World Premiere of "In Good Company"

Nathan, Morena, Adam, Summer, and Alan all attended the premiere. Please send any red carpet photos my way, and I'll post 'em.

Jewel chimes in about the rough cut of Serenity

"...I was moved. I was proud. I was excited and breathless and open-mouthed and tearful..."

Nathan and Moreena hang out with fans at GenCon

Our cast of Firefly/Serenity continue to show their support for the fan community. Nathan even sat down and played a Firefly RPG with some fans.

Rosie's GenCon story. With pics. (Morena cut her hair!)

Two painfully cute photos from GenCon - click to enlarge. (thanks Andé):

December 4, 2004

Adam talks about the rough cut of Serenity

All of a sudden September 30 seems even further away. Read Adam's comments:

"It's great. "Serenity" is a great movie.

With temp effects, the BDM still kicks a$$!!! You'll love it! Every single one of our beloved cast of characters (and some newbies) are well-served and showcased in a loving and thrilling way... even Jayne. ;- )

Joss is our hero!

We all went out to Nate's favorite sushi restaurant afterwards and had a grand time, hic!

Can't talk story, but the movie is one of the most unique and exciting film experiences I've ever witnessed. Riveting...

I'm sure you'll all agree.

Informational chestnut:

Apparently there will be some test screenings in the very near future. I know not when, or where. Mitch can, if he is available, certainly give the particulars about the protocols of this stage in the process; and how the reactions in those tests affect the forward momentum of the BDM. That marketing and promotional stuff is way above my pay-grade. :- )

Serenity and love to all,

(can't wait to see it again)"

November 25, 2004

Jewel and Summer comment on the delay, plus more comments from Joss

Both Jewel and Summer chime in on the delay of Serenity.
Jewel's comments.
Summer's comments.

Joss also talked a bit more about the delay...

"...opening before Star Wars would have been mondo beyondo, but opening in a month crowded with crowd-drawin', flashy early-summer titles might not be. As my editor Lisa explained, "April is the new May". We don't wanna get buried...ALIVE!".

"The fact is, I'm crushed, because I'm so anxious for you all to see what we've done. I want the world to know that Nathan Fillion is the next Harrison Ford (Well, he IS). I want them to see how amazing Summer Glau is... not to mention the whole cast and Jack Green, the greatest DP in DP-land, everybody just did such good work it almost makes me wish I'd written a coherent script! Or, I mean... um, hey, no pants! (Note to self...) So there you have it, or me, disappointed and impatient. But I really do believe in this studio. They supported this project since before I'd even thought up the SURPRISINGLY COHERENT script (nice save!) and they've been very up-front about their scheduling and marketing stratgies. so I stand with their decision, but, as Abe Simpson would say: "They're in for the frowning of a lifetime!"

November 24, 2004

Adam Baldwin talks about the delay

Apparently Adam ran into Joss outside of a Starbucks and they chatted about the Serenity delay. Sounds like they both agree, it's a painful but overall good thing for the movie and the future of the franchise.

Read his comments, and more comments.

November 23, 2004

I've been Slashdotted! Woo!

Welcome Slashdoters! Visit the message board, buy a Firefly Movie poster. :)

November 22, 2004


Joss posted this highly disturbing news at

Are you guys starting to hear that fanfare? Those distant drums? Are you slapping on your side-arms, pulling on your long brownish-colored coats and thumbing your crisp new bills in anticipation of the cinematic event of the year? Well, it's official: on April 22nd you, the true the blue the loyal, can step right up with the rest of America and WAIT FIVE MORE MONTHS.

Heh. See, sometimes studios shuffle around release dates...

Okay. Don't panic. right now you're panicking. you're thinking, "how could they do this to me?" But what you SHOULD be thinking is: "How could they do this to JOSS?". Seriously. That pity is mine and I want it back.

So what happened? Well, nothing terribly original. April got crowded with a lot of titles aimed at a similar demographic, and the studio decided September was a clearer corridor for the film to make the kind of impact it should. This isn't about a lack of confidence in the film -- in fact, they told me this before they even saw it. And now they have seen it, and unless they're way better liars than I'm used to, they dug it. Actually, they dug it pretty large, which is a good sign since there's not a single finished effect in the film. There's no reworking the end, no reshoots, no "does it have to be in space?". It's just a marketing issue. Now you'll get to watch lots of trailers in the summer. And hopefully, by the time it comes out, other people, people who ain't us, will get a whiff of what we're up to, and come along too.

I love this movie. I HATE waiting to show it too you. I felt pretty much the way I imagine you're feeling right now when they told me. But these guys know what they're doing, and they're trying to protect their investment, not bury it. So I gotta be a grown-up. The release date is September 30th. Hopefully it won't change again.

Spread the word. Keep the faith. And gleam the damn cube already.


joss | November 23, 05:
12 CET

Firefly Book coming soon.

Jane Espensen is writing a book about Firefly, due out in April. From Amazon (thanks Kevin):

About the Author
Jane Espensen is a veteran Mutant Enemy script writer who was responsible for the Firefly episode "Shindig." She has also written for Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Deep Space Nine, Ellen, Gilmore Girls, and Star Trek. She lives in Los Angeles. Glenn Yeffeth is the editor of Seven Seasons of Buffy and Taking the Red Pill. He lives in Dallas, Texas.

Product Description:
In this eclectic anthology of essays, former cast member Jewel Staite, "Kaylee," philosopher Lyle Zynda, sex therapist Joy Davidson, and noted science fiction and fantasy authors Mercedes Lackey, David Gerrold, and Lawrence Watt-Evans contribute to a clever and insightful analysis of the short-lived cult hit Firefly. From What went wrong with the pilot? to What's right about Reavers? and how the correspondence between the show's creator Joss Whedon and the network executives might have actually played out, the writers interrogate the show's complexity and speculate about what might have been if the show Firefly had not been cancelled.

It'll be interesting to compare their speculation with what we see in Serenity.

November 9, 2004

IGN posts similar but more detailed Serenity Article

Apparently IGN was on set the same day as, but they have written a more detailed account, including two new pictures. Major Spoilers Warning!

Poster update

To all of you that have ordered posters in the last week or so, thanks. Unfortunately I ran out of tubes (again), so I won't be able to get the posters shipped out until late this week or early next week.

November 8, 2004

Great Joss Whedon interview about Serenity has posted a Joss Whedon interview that was obviously conducted a few months ago while the movie was still being filmed. Warning the intro has some spoilers, but if you skip down to the picture of Joss and just read the interview, you should remain fairly spoiler free.

November 4, 2004

Jewel updates her blog.

Jewel mentioned Serenity in her latest blog entry.

" I received this wonderful message from Joss Whedon, on my cell phone. He sounded really gleeful, which isn't terribly normal for Joss. He doesn't act extremely excited unless it's worth it.. and he just sounded so happy, and so positive. It's the kind of message you get that you play over and over, whenever you're moody or tired or pissed off for some reason.. or you just haven't eaten. I think I like listening to it because he has such wonderful things to say about Serenity. I had such a love affair with Serenity. And I know I wasn't the only one."

October 31, 2004

Listen to Joss's call in.

For a donation of at least $25 (send your real name, phone number and email) to Kerry you can get a phone number that allows you to listen to Joss's call in from last week. Since I'm supporting Badnarik for President I couldn't justify the donation myself, so I can't give any details. But feel free to report back any tidbits.

Posters running low

If you want a Firefly movie poster, you may want to act soon, as I'm starting to run pretty low. Speaking of which, one enterprising Browncoat was able to get one put up at the AMC theater than he manages. Check out the photo, it almost brings a tear to your eye.

(click to enlarge)

October 21, 2004

Joss is throwing a political shindig, and you are invited... Sort of.

I'm not a Kerry supporter (not much of a Bush supporter either - vote Libertarian!), but since Joss is involved I thought I should pass along this info. If anyone hears any good Firefly info from any of Joss's call ins pass along the info!

October 9, 2004

Serenity is already cut (edited)!

With Serenity in post production and our BDHs all over the world, news has been slow. But in her latest blog update, Jewel dropped the following bomb, "A little birdie just told me the film may be cut together already. I hear it looks AMAZING." Very cool! Crossing fingers hoping that all the big damn extras made the cut.

Sounds like Jewel is also going to be starring in a new TV show called "Widow on the Hill", Congratulations! Guess I'll have to see if my TV actually gets Lifetime. :)

September 22, 2004

New Blog entry from Jewel

Woo! I made her top ten favorite things about Dragon Con:

5. The panel involving the true Firefly/soon-to-be Serenity fans in the Hyatt on Sunday night. Thank you for welcoming me and letting me interrupt your panel. You guys are awesome.

September 17, 2004

Blog entry from none other than Joss at the Universal Board

"Well, sports fans, it's official. The movie is shot. Done. And I couldn't be happier to be through with it. No more of that exciting, vibrant set, that warm camaraderie, that creative stimulus, free donuts... Excuse me. I have something in my eye... free donuts...

Oh, there's things I'll miss. But there's definitely things I WON'T miss.
In no particular order:

1) Fillion. People who are prettier than me are not supposed to be funnier than me. I think it's a guild thing. And that whole 'gracious and professional' thing got old on day ONE, you know what I mean?

2) Cinematographer Jack Green. This guy lights stuff ALL THE TIME. Seriously, like eighty-three percent of the shots had light in them. He totally didn't get my "Just Like Radio" concept for the film.

3) The incessant meddling of the studio: where was it? We waited and waited, what, are they all too busy and important to take the time to ruin my little film? This is Hollywood, people. Learn our ways and customs while you're here. Sheesh.

Just a taste of the Hell I've been through. And being surrounded by beautiful women, and, let's face it, beautiful men, all of whom get along, work hard and play their characters with such ease and nuance it's clear they were born for the roles -- who needs that?

But no matter how much I suffer for my art, it's worth it. 'Cause come April 22nd I think we'll be bringing you an exciting film that's a powerful statement about the right to be free. Which is not as cool as my original statement about the right to tasty garlic mussels in a cilantro broth, but the freedom thing's okay too. The editing started this week, and after just a first cut I can safely say this will be the greatest film since whatever film comes out right before it. And I'm not backing down from that.

Thanks for your support. And I mean that more literally than people usually do -- Coming back from the Chicago Con and telling people there was a Serenity booth put up and run entirely by fans... you should have seen their faces. Hell, you should have seen mine. But not too close. And not before, like, 10:00 -- maybe 11:00 a.m. And maybe sort of from the side. The back-ish part of the side. You should have seen my hair.

Be well. Good things are coming.



September 9, 2004

Jewel posts a big thank you at

Jewel posted a thank you to all the fans that showed up to Dragon Con. One highlight,

"...we were floored by the support and the love from the fans out there. The Little Firefly that could, right? How is it that this could have happened? I can't explain it. All I can do is feel grateful." -- Jewel Staite

Read her whole comment

September 8, 2004

Firefly / Serenity Dragon Con reports

Firefly / Serenity was a huge draw at Dragon Con; Biggest in the 18 year history of Dragon Con for a new "property". Read all about my experience at Dragon Con. Stories about Nathan, Jewel, and Adam are included. Photos soon, audio and possibly video coming shortly thereafter.

I'd like to post links to other Dragon Con blogs, if you seen any other blogs, send 'em my way.

August 31, 2004

Our captian posts tells us all to do some guerilla marketing!

Over at the the Universal board Nathan Fillion reminded us all to get out and do some guerilla marketing for the BDM:

Posted: 31 Aug 2004 7:47 pm
Post subject: Captain on Deck.


Once again, I have come to the boards to see where all those Browncoats are, what they are doing, and how they may be speading the Serenity word. The movie is finished. Friday was my last day, Saturday the wrap party, and now, my days are my own. I have promised myself to get on top of some appointments, a carpentry project, and travel arrangements for a well deserved vacation. Yet so far, I haven't been able to pry myself away from the Universal lot.
Yesterday I darkened the doors of our editors in order to scam a copy of the gag reel for myself and some of my castmates (whom I later met for dinner). At the same time, I pestered Lisa Lassek to show me dailies from the final days shooting and together we fantasized about the finished product being a box office smash/little picture that could.
Now is the time to let this baby of ours go of to summer camp, put her in the capable hands of the counsellors at Zoic, have music and sound put to her, and let her grow up. It will be hard, letting go, but we have done all we can. Rest assured, Joss will be holding her hand the entire way. He'll be making sure she wears a life jacket on canoe outtings, and watching that she doesn't sneak across the lake to make out with the boys at Camp Flibbidee Joop.
As for spreading the Serenity word? So many people I see (my deli, sushi restaurant, and hardware store) say "Where have you been?" Filming the best movie of all time." I reply. "Serenity?" they ask. "Yes, Serenity indeed." I have also purchased 11 sets of the DVDs. I am driving them around to cast members homes to get them signed, and then I shall distribute them to the needy and loud spoken. One condition applies. The set shall be watched, then used to convert a least three people between now and Aprill 22. If among my friends someone already has a set, my autographed set shall replace theirs, and their old set shall be passed on for keeps, honoring the same condition.
What have you been doing to convert the unenlightened, hedonistic masses? How shall we wake the word from their Firefly-less slumber. Is there anything illegal about brainwashing or Firefly as a cult? Think of the tax breaks and the enormous amount of power I'll weild and abuse as a high priest, or just Captain. Ron can be high priest.

Be good to each other,

Nathan Fillion

You heard the man, get busy!

I'm off to Dragon Con!

I'm heading to Dragon Con tomorrow, and I look forward to meeting as many of you as I can. I probably going to re-"tattoo" my shaved head with the characters from my day as an extra, so I shouldn't be too hard to spot. (We'll being that it's Dragon Con, I might not stand out as much as you would expect.) If nothing else look for me at the front of the line for all of the Serenity sessions. I'm also going to be on the panel for two Firefly/Serenity related sessions. Saturday at 10pm and Sunday at 7pm. See you there!


August 26, 2004

Serenity has wrapped, and after tonight's wrap party our BDH will be going their separate ways once again.

Jewel updated her blog today and confirmed that Serenity has indeed wrapped. Seems like just yesterday it was green lit. Let's hope Universal keeps it's word to not destroy Serenity (the ship). It was heart breaking when Fox destroyed the first one. We need her in good shape for the sequels and eventual return to TV (or serialized DVDs).

August 23, 2004

Nathan, Jewel and Adam plan to attend Dragon Con

First it was just Jewel, and I was tempted, then Adam said he was going too, and I was very tempted, now our Captain's announced he's gonna be there... Uh oh! Time to check the credit limit on my American Express. Anyone looking for a roommate?

Filming on Serenity wraps this week

By this time next week, our Big Damn Heros will have gone their separate ways. And presumably Universal will be packing up the set for Serenity. Kinda sad, if you ask me.

Let's make sure this week is not the last time they are all together. Say after me... Sequel-sequel-sequel!

August 15, 2004

Photos and Blog from Joss Whedon's Q & A at Wizard World Chicago

MZ's blog about his days at WWC.

August 8, 2004

Adam posts Serenity movie update

Over at the OB, Adam Baldwin posted some good news and an update of what they'll be up to the remainder of filming on Serenity (mini-tiny spoilers).

A little birdy told me that: "The studio is robustly enthusiastic!"

Brother, we begin some really gnarly action sequences on Monday
which will last for three or so weeks. I think we wrap on the 24th.

The footage is amazing!

Summer Glau is a Big Damn Movie Star!!!

Just like Nate and the rest of his crew!

Serenity always,


All new guerilla marketing ideas posted

I just updated the Guerilla Marketing section with all of the ideas you've all been sending in. So please read 'em and do 'em. Let's get the buzz buzzing!

July 27, 2004

San Diego Comic Con; Serenity Reports

I got back from San Diego Comic Con last night. And all I can say is this; if Universal doesn't re-up for at least one sequel they are nuts!

Read my full report.

MP3 audio recording of the session (Thanks David!). [Temporarily removed due to space constraints, I'll repost it soon] Video hopefully coming soon (sans the trailer, for copyright reasons).

July 19, 2004

Joss Whedon and Serenity Cast at Comic Con;
Browncoat Role Call

Joss Whedon and several unnamed actors from Serenity are going to be talking about Serenity at Comic Con in San Diego this Sunday. I'm driving down on down Wed, so I'll be there for the whole 4 days.

If you are planning on coming, please sign in, we need to plan an informal Browncoat meet up. Probably Saturday night.

July 17, 2004

Animated Serenity Prequel?

As I pointed out in my blog, I over heard some talk about an animated prequel to the movie that will help bridge the gap between the TV series and the movie. Very cool, can't wait to see all of our hotties animation style!

July 15, 2004

Serenity Extras tell their stories

I'm back from my experience of a lifetime. My blogs are here and here.

And here is a thread on summarizing all the other extras' blogs thus far.

Thank you again to all who helped us have such a great experience.

July 9, 2004

Firefly Gets Big in Serenity interviews Alan Tudyk (Wash) about Serenity. (Spoilers!)

Jewel Staite (Kaylee) updates her website with new Serenity Blog entry

No news updates until Wednesday

There will be no news updates until next Wednesday. Cause I have this small movie to go appear in. *brushing up on my Chinese, just in case*

July 6, 2004

New Serenity photos and blog on the official Universal site.

News from the set has been a bit slow for the last week. So sorry for the lack of updates. Universal has come to the rescue and updated the official blog with info and some photos courtesy Adam Baldwin. The info and one of the photos are a bit spoilery so beware. Non-spoilery highlights:

Chiwetel Ejiofor started work last week in the role of [snip]. I got to watch his first scene, he nailed every take and the crew was blown away. The man's an acting machine.

The Cast and Crew have finished their location work and now call Universal Studios home. The production occupies four huge sound stages on the lot; three of which are in constant flux with various Sci Fi sets being raised, shot, and broken down. The fourth stage is exclusively home to... you guessed it, Serenity. The rebuilt Firefly class cargo ship is gorgeous. The same, yet different. Everything you loved about the original remains, yet with more detail, richer textures and colors. Walking through the new ship has proven cathartic for many of the cast and crew returning from the series. It took a year, but Joss got his ship back.

On a related note, I just found out that my 15 minutes of fame as an extra on Serenity this coming Monday will be filmed on stage 12! Yup the very same stage as Serenity. If I wasn't such a manly man, I think I'd just faint....


Wha...what happened?

June 25, 2004

I'm back from the Serenity Fitting.

My costuming story (with pics).

Jewel's latest Blogs at the OB and

I thought I would post something just saying how much we all appreciate your support and positive thoughts out there.
Filming is going swimmingly. We've finished all of our exterior location scenes, and we've since started work on the Universal Studios lot on all of our interior stuff. The sets are AMAZING. I hope no one will be disappointed. I can't tell you how wonderful it is to walk onto that ship again. The cast looks great as well-- our wardrobe has been tweaked to look a little sharper, a little more unique, and maybe even a little sexier.
I wish I could tell you the surprises the movie has in store for you all, but as you know, I've signed my name in blood... and I want you to be genuinely surprised! As for keeping you updated on how things are going, I'll continue to post on, and here as well. I have a little time off right now, and haven't shot anything on the studio sets as of yet, but I couldn't help myself and went by for a visit yesterday. Joss is, of course, grinning from ear to ear. Morena was there, dressed in one of Inara's gowns and looking as gorgeous as ever. I hear some of our background performers are secret "browncoats", keeping themselves well hidden but always watching... We LOVE you guys!!!! We are always happy to meet you.
To anyone I saw at DreamCon in Florida recently, I had an absolute blast-- the Q&A periods were my favorite, and I loved answering all of your questions about the show, and the ones I COULD answer about the movie. Starfury in the UK (back in April) was also amazing-- the "girl with the white hat", as she's called herself, was the fan that stood out to me the most. She had the best questions, and was just the sweetest thing.. so if she's out there, thank you for making that experience even more enjoyable for me! I've just been contacted by the DragonCon people, and we're trying to get me out there to say hello at the end of August/beginning of September weekend. I may be off work by then, so that would be great if I could attend.
Anyway, thank you again for kind words and your support. I love reading your posts, and will continue to do so every chance I get!
Talk to you soon....
Jewel aka. "Kaylee"

June 24, 2004

I'm in Serenity!!!!!

Thanks to Sasha, Chris and Bob, I'm in the BDM (Big Damn Movie). Thank you so much! I'm jetting off to LA 6AM tomorrow morning for a fitting, then I'm back on the 12th for the actual filming. I'm so excited, I'm at a loss for words.

June 23, 2004

Serenity Movie official site has gone LIVE!

I haven't even had time to look but apparently there are some spoilers in the blogs. So tread carefully.

News will be slow while I'm in LA for my fitting tomorrow. Thanks again to those that helped me get the extra role.

June 21, 2004

Adam Baldwin's humorous story about an accident on the set of Serenity,

So... There I was, sitting on the set of Joss Whedon's "Serenity."

I gotta tell you that this is even more fun than the BDTVS was.

We now have completed an amazingly well organized location schedule of twelve days and only had one Techno-Crane get destroyed. Thank God (as I understand Him/Her) for insurance. ;- )

The snappiest thing that I observed during this "incident" was our illustrious cinematographer Jack Green (IMDB his credits!) shouting: "Is anyone hurt? No! Was there any exposed film on that roll?!!! No! OK, back to work! I want a steady-cam mount on the front end of the camera-truck right now... We're losing the light people!!!"

What a stud!


Nathan, from the top of the [expository deleted] craft, assuming his patented goofy smily crossed-eyed facey voice; shrugs and says: "Sometimes it happens, ahee!"

I love these BDHs!!! It's a party!!!

For the curious. Technocrane description.

June 21, 2004

Jewel Staite starts her own Serenity Blog,

I figured since Nathan and Adam and who knows who else have been posting on here and keeping you guys up to date, I might as well, too. I just bought a new lap top and am very anxious to use it! (If I can figure out how to use it). "Serenity" is a dream come true. Working with these wonderful people who love their jobs so much, every day, all day, is just awesome. WE ARE BACK!!!! Some things have changed, but not a lot, and no, Adam, I'm not giving away any spoilers. I can say this, though: Joss is a genius. This script is truly one of the best I've read, and I'm incredibly honored to be doing this film-- his first film-- and my first film as a lead (!). How exciting is that!! There hasn't been a bad day yet. Even with dust in your mouth and suncreen running into your eyes and sweat making little pools under your boobs... this is still the best job I've ever had. Thank you thank you thank you to the fans out there. Your continued support makes this whole experience even more enjoyable. I'll write again soon!


Jewel, if you need help getting that Laptop working smooth as silk, I'd be happy to stop by the set and get it all configured for you. I'll even throw in a bunch of free training. ;) -- Jeremy

June 20, 2004

Nathan Fillion's Serenity Blog week two,

We have completed the first two weeks of filming, and with that, all the exterior shots for Serenity. No more will cast and crew have to lug equipment and themselves out to the far reaches of the desert to battle the sun, dust, smoke, or the tiny little noseeums that seem impervious to bugspray and all too eager to feast upon our flesh. Happily, we all must report to work on Monday to the stages of Universal City, where we shall face new challenges like finding our own lunches and saying something clever to passing tour trams.
Perhaps due to those minor hardships, and the amount of adventures that are crammed into one day, it seems forever ago that we started rehearsals. Yet there is a long way to go. It is a far cry from filming the series, evident in watching the previous day's work in the extreme luxury of the daily trailer. The huge screen at the end of this monstrosity entertains us with images of my favorite cast being BDH's. It is going to be a real charge the first time we get to see River going "koo koo" when her face is 17' high.
My heart now looks forward to the first time I see Serenity again. My only contact with her since I watched them pulling apart her last remnants at the Fox lot has been the cargo bay doors, with us on location. It will warm my cockles to see her reborn, courtesy of the creative minds of Universal. This will not be an exact duplicate, folks. Learn to love it. Be comfortable with the idea of getting to know her all over again, and falling in love all over again. For she is our home now.
Let's go home.

June 16, 2004

Yet more pictures from the set of Serenity

Lucky Bob sent more pictures from his experience as an extra on Serenity. If you consider costumes and bits and pieces of the set to be spoilers then DON'T LOOK. I consider myself pretty spoiler averse, and these images didn't bother me. So enjoy. And thanks again, Bob.

*grumble-grumble* *wish I were Bob* *grumble*

On a related note, in case you missed it, here is Bob's story, read it and weep. I know I did.

June 15, 2004

Nathan Fillion's first Blog from the set of Serenity

I can't promise you a weekly thing, the schedule keeps me on my toes and I type slowly. However, here's a bit of a blog for you.

First day of filming for me is not the first day of filming overall. That honor was Sean's and Summer's. But all were present when we arrived in the desert out by the old abandoned mine to begin what will be two weeks of exterior shooting. I can't tell you how it warmed my heart to see the cast not only together (I've seen that a couple of times since the show's demise), but in costume as well. Jewel looks great in a version of her old green work overalls (has she gotten taller?). Sean is appropriately overdressed for what we are doing out there. Adam's T-shirt designs and gun belts will have the fans in a tizzy, I'm sure- he looks too cool for words. Ron has had a minor overhaul and reminds me of a native american Shaman, a logical twist. Summer looks both etherial and eerie (I hope I spelled those words correktlee) walking- no, drifting about. Alan looks both relaxed and tough in his new togs and has the best footwear of all of us. Morena, of course, is Morena. One look is never quite enough. It is easy to imagine the high class she occupies in the 'verse of Firefly. Gina fuses supermodel and badass in an outfit tailored to her physique. She's been working out, you'll see.

I couldn't be happier. Everyone has slipped right back in where we left off, but there is a difference. There is some kind of special magic in the ressurection. We all feel it. We are back in a way the series never could be. I have a glad heart when I watch Joss talking to the ship's crew. I can only look at him and smile. I smile a lot these days. More even than I thought I would. Thank you Joss. Thank you Universal. Thank you crew. Thank you cast. Thank you cast especially for laughing at all the same old crappy material I used to use.

Captain Tightpants

June 14, 2004

More Pictures from the Serenity Set

Lucky B@stard and fellow browncoat, Bob Marnick, spent last Friday as an extra on Serenity. He sent these pictures. (NOT modem friendly!) He has more that are a little spoilerish that he'll be sending later.

UPDATE (6pm MST): more pictures added

June 11, 2004

Official Serenity Movie Poster?

Ain't it cool news has posted a photo of what may be an early draft of the official Serenity Movie Teaser poster. Some have said that the image of Serenity includes a
spoiler (I don't see anything unusual), but you've been warned.

Speaking of posters, I still have some unofficial Firefly Movie posters. Get 'em while they last.

June 10, 2004

Photos from the set of Serenity posted.

Chris Buchanan has sent photos of several cast members in front of fan made banner on the set of Firefly.

June 4, 2004

Serenity Official Release date is April 22nd, 2005. Joss Whedon comments on first day of shooting.

Chris Buchanan forwarded the following from Joss about the first day of shooting:

"Hi guys. Just wanted to give you some news but guess what? I can't get on the site. I have trouble with passwords. So hopefully Chris B will forward this to you with his wily technical knowledgablosity.

Today was (as I think you know) the first day of filming of Serenity. Which is pretty big for me (it felt weird to START with Mal's death, but scheduling isn't my area). It was a blast. Sean said it was like school was back in session after summer vacation, which I have decided to take as a compliment. Gina did a happy dance (and there are few happier sights than Gina doing a happy dance). We're still flying. And the best part is, that's not even why I'm posting.

The real news, and you heard it here first, is that Universal has thrown down an official release date! So mark your calendars, Browncoats, 'cause if you're planning to get married on April 22nd 2005, you better change the date. Seriously. Who gets married in April? Just change it.

April 22nd. Exactly when I wanted to open, 'cause it's SOON. I can't wait for you all to see what we're putting together. It's a crazy-quilt of infotainment that like to call a 'film', and it just may be the best one ever made. Or one of the ones in the middle. Probably not the worst... I'm thinking middle. High middle. So buckle up and get ready for that patented Joss Whedon "high-middle" excitment. It's on its way.

I'm tired, and apparently I have to direct, like, EVERY scene, so I'm
crashing. Thanks again, all of you, for helping me home. It's good to be back.


That thing about Mal being dead, that was Joss just messing with us... I think. :)

Adam Baldwin also had a few words to say about the first "Action!" on Serenity.

"So... There I was; standing behind our fearless leader Joss Whedon in "video village" the moment before he called action on film roll #1, scene 3, take 1 of Serenity the Movie. With my little Digi-Elph camera in hand and Summer in the monitor... I tapped him and our beautiful script supervisor Jain from the series on the shoulders, they turns around nice and slow and both give the "sah-weetest" grins I ever seen as I popped the flash!

Joss: "Action!"

Ladies and gentlemen of this here 'Verse:

Serenity flies again!

Love to you all,


June 1, 2004

Serenity "rolls film" Thursday!

Serenity Casting news. (minor spoilage)

May 24, 2004

Serenity "rolls film" next week!
Adam Baldwin dropped another note on the Official Board that:
"Rehearsals are a rockin'!!!"
We roll film next week!
Hoo-Rah! :- ) :- ) :- ) "

Several days ago, when somebody asked how reharsals were going, Adam replied,
"It was a lovefest! We even toured the sets (still under contruction)!" He also mentioned how nice it was to have time to properly prepare (sorry can't find the actual quote - anyone?).

I'm just giddy to think that our "crew" is together again! Time to start spreading the word and building momentum.

May 14, 2004

Firefly Cast Read-Thru on Monday!
Adam Baldwin (aka Jayne) reported on the Official Board that:
"Joss' script is one of the best I've ever read (and I've read thousands)... We have our first full read-thru with the whole cast (HOORAY!!!) on monday!" and he signed off by saying:
(flyin' again!!!)"

Just about brings a tear to your eye, don't it?

May 3, 2004

News highlights from the Blackpool Shindig (very mild spoilers):
Bad news: Nathan said that the TV show won't be returning anytime soon (some say at least 5 years) due to an agreement between Fox and Universal. Good news: If ticket sales are good enough we will probably see a trilogy of movies. My take: Although any Firefly is better than no Firefly, I feel that the show shines best as a series. I wonder if the clause also precludes a Direct-to-DVD series...
Filming starts in early June for 10 weeks, to be released around easter 2005. Zoic is on board for all the FX. The budget is $50 million (not $35 as originally rumored). All nine original cast members are on board! (yeah!)

April 25, 2004

The message board is live! Come join in the fun.

New sections added, conversion stories, and conversion kit.

Production begins? (click to enlarge)

From a sign at Universal Studios Hollywood. TV Show? (we wish!)
Thanks Kevin.

April 6, 2004

I'm back and trying to catch up. Some quick updates:

Wonderfalls has been canceled effective immediately - the bastards! I normally try to avoid bad mouthing Fox TV, but they seem to be incapable of understanding the concept of allowing a show to develop. I've come to the conclusion that network TV is simply too risk-averse to properly develop quality TV. It's a miracle 24 hasn't been canceled (it almost was canceled 12 hours into it's first season, but they gave it a chance and look what happened!)

Join in on the monthly International Firefly Meetup Day.

More guerilla marketing ideas coming soon! Thanks for all the great ideas.

Buy some posters while they last.

March 30, 2004

Sorry for the lack of updates, I've been on the road pretty much non-stop for 3 weeks. I won't be back until this Sunday, but I wanted to upate everyone on a few things:

According to Gina Torres (Zoe), all of the original cast is on board (including Ron!). All or most of the filming of the movie will be in and around L.A. (sorry New Yorkers). Casting spoiler (highlight text to read): David Boreanaz may be in our BDM (big damn movie) Spoiler done.

All of the 3 for 1 posters have shipped, if you haven't recieved yours, let me know. I still have more - Buy em here and help Ron's charity.

When I get back next week I'll be updating the fan campaigns and guerilla marketing ideas so that they are more oriented towards grass roots movie marketing.

March 17, 2004

Firefly producer alumni Tim Minear has a great new show "Wonderfalls", but it's in danger of suffering the same fate as Firefly - without your help. Please don't miss this really great new show Friday's on Fox. You can catch a re-run of the Pilot tomorrow! (Thursday Mar 18.) I thoroughly enjoyed the pilot and from what I've read it only gets better. Watch and tell your friends to watch, especially if you have a nielsen box!

A letter from Tim Minear can be read here.

March 14, 2004

Okay, I've gone well over the 100 Firefly Movie posters orders, so the 3 for 1 deal is now officially over. However, due to the fact that the movie is no longer called Firefly, and I still have several hundred posters in my garage. I've decided to lower the price of the poster. You can now get one poster for $12 or two for $16! (+shipping)
Buy 'em here.

Also now that I've almost broken even on my costs I'm going to donate $5 from every poster to Ron's charity the Wooten Center.

Question is, does the movie name change make these posters more valuable or less? Is it going to be the "Revenge of the Jedi" poster of Firefly or just some inaccurate fan made poster? Your guess is as good as mine. If nothing else it makes for a great excuse to strike up a conversation 'bout our favorite show!

March 13, 2004

Movie production update: Filming starts on June 4th! Apparently much of the movie is going to be filmed in New York City and upstate New York, filming starts there the second week of June.

In addition to Joss and the wonderful cast, it also sounds like most of the same people that made the TV show will be working on the film. Zoic is on board with the FX, Gred Edmonson with original music, an the original production, set design, costuming teams will also be back. This probably means that Serenity herself is being re-built as we speak.

No official word on Alan and Ron, although it's looking more likely that Alan is on board, but slightly less likely that Ron will.

Spoilers have already started to leak out in the form of casting calls. (Major Spoilers!)

As an FYI, I'm trying to remain as spoiler free as possible, I realize that's going to be a bit difficult when running a site like this, but I appreciate your consideration.

March 4, 2004

Universal's Press release.

Many of you have noted that Ron and Alan's names have been conspicuously missing from official press releases. Sources say that both are very likely to be involved, but aren't being mentioned until their current contract options expire.

March 2, 2004

IT'S OFFICIAL!! The movie has been green lighted (greenlit?)! Our big damn heros will be returning. Chris Buchanan of President of Mutant Enemy posted a copy of the article from Variety on the OB [WARNING 7th paragraph is a bit spoilerish]:

"Daily Variety for publication 3-03-04

Whedon's 'Serenity' greenlit
U moves forward on sci-fi spinoff


Universal Pictures has greenlit "Serenity,'' the feature film based on Joss Whedon's Fox TV series "Firefly,'' which was canceled in late 2002 after just 11 episodes.
Deals are in place for Whedon to direct and for the original cast of the TV show to reprise their roles. Pic, budgeted in the mid-eight figures, is skedded for a June start and should be ready for a 2005 release.

After Fox pulled the plug on "Firefly," Whedon struggled to continue the project, speaking with other nets and cablers about the skein, then finally turning to studios about a feature version. U acquired the feature rights from Fox last fall.

Whedon said the pic will be released under the title "Serenity" to give it some distance from the TV version. "It was important that people understand that the movie isn't the series," he said. "The movie is bigger, more epic than anything you can do in a series."

To that end, he said he went out of his way while penning the "Serenity" script to make sure that it is accessible to auds who never tuned into "Firefly."

"You're not going to bring people into a movie if you're explaining all the time what happened before," Whedon said.

Series was a space oater set 500 years in the future, tracking the journeys of the crew aboard the Serenity.

Forthcoming pic is set about six months after the TV show left off, and centers on two passengers on board the ship who attract trouble to the crew.

The studio has closed a deal with Nathan Fillion to return as Capt. Malcolm Reynolds. Other original cast members Gina Torres, Morena Baccarin, Jewel Staite, Adam Baldwin, Sean Maher and Summer Glau are also in place.

Barry Mendel is producing the pic. Chris Buchanan of Mutant Enemy, Whedon's shingle, and Mendel exec Alissa Tager are exec producing. Overseeing the project for U is vice chair Mary Parent.

Date in print: Wed., Mar. 3, 2004, Los Angeles

I can't even begin to express how happy this makes me. Now it's time for us all to start spreading the word and turn ourselves into movie marketing machines. Check back soon for movie specific guerilla marketing ideas.

News Archive

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March 2, 2004

IT'S OFFICIAL!! The movie has been green lighted (greenlit?)! Our big damn heros will be returning. Chris Buchanan of President of Mutant Enemy posted a copy of the article from Variety on the OB [WARNING 7th paragraph is a bit spoilerish]:

"Daily Variety for publication 3-03-04

Whedon's 'Serenity' greenlit
U moves forward on sci-fi spinoff


Universal Pictures has greenlit "Serenity,'' the feature film based on Joss Whedon's Fox TV series "Firefly,'' which was canceled in late 2002 after just 11 episodes.
Deals are in place for Whedon to direct and for the original cast of the TV show to reprise their roles. Pic, budgeted in the mid-eight figures, is skedded for a June start and should be ready for a 2005 release.

After Fox pulled the plug on "Firefly," Whedon struggled to continue the project, speaking with other nets and cablers about the skein, then finally turning to studios about a feature version. U acquired the feature rights from Fox last fall.

Whedon said the pic will be released under the title "Serenity" to give it some distance from the TV version. "It was important that people understand that the movie isn't the series," he said. "The movie is bigger, more epic than anything you can do in a series."

To that end, he said he went out of his way while penning the "Serenity" script to make sure that it is accessible to auds who never tuned into "Firefly."

"You're not going to bring people into a movie if you're explaining all the time what happened before," Whedon said.

Series was a space oater set 500 years in the future, tracking the journeys of the crew aboard the Serenity.

Forthcoming pic is set about six months after the TV show left off, and centers on two passengers on board the ship who attract trouble to the crew.

The studio has closed a deal with Nathan Fillion to return as Capt. Malcolm Reynolds. Other original cast members Gina Torres, Morena Baccarin, Jewel Staite, Adam Baldwin, Sean Maher and Summer Glau are also in place.

Barry Mendel is producing the pic. Chris Buchanan of Mutant Enemy, Whedon's shingle, and Mendel exec Alissa Tager are exec producing. Overseeing the project for U is vice chair Mary Parent.

Date in print: Wed., Mar. 3, 2004, Los Angeles

I can't even begin to express how happy this makes me. Now it's time for us all to start spreading the word and turn ourselves into movie marketing machines. Check back soon for movie specific guerilla marketing ideas.

February 21, 2004

Our movie is looking more and more likely by the day. Universal has added "Serenity" to the coming soon section of their site. Also I checked for the domain (yes I was trying to buy it up), and lo an behold it's already owned by Universal Studios!

Tonight is the Wolfram and Hart revue, rumor is Chris Buchanan and Tim will be here, I'm going to see if I can squeeze a little info from them. Also Chris had a baby on Thursday (I suppose his wife was involved too), congrats are in order.

February 18, 2004

Poster update: The posters have been printed up and are being delivered today - I did a press check yesterday and they look great. The poster tubes will be here monday. I'll start sending them out in the order recieved.

Although I've received over 100 people that have expressed an interest, fewer than that have actually ordered. So I'm extending the 3-1 for the next 20 poster orders (I'll post here when the 20 have been bought up). I'm still very much in the red on this so order now! (I just want to break even or at least come close.) And thanks to all that have bought posters. You'll be getting them soon and don't forget to use your extra posters to spread the word!

February 17, 2004

An "insider" has posted some good news on

February 14, 2004

Updates are going to be slow for the next week, as I have a bunch of projects to get done and a bunch of posters to ship before I head to California for the Wolfram & Hart Annual Revue. If any of you Browncoast are going, drop me a message and well hook up.

I will keep you updated on any breaking Firefly news.

February 13, 2004

Sad news for Joss fans everywhere, Angel has been canceled (warning! article contains SPOILERS). This season will be the last. For the first time in over eight years TV will have no Joss Whedon shows in the 2004-2005 season. A sad Friday the 13th indeed.

February 11, 2004

Even more detail about the current status of the film has surfaced:

"...we knew that the movie became held up back at the end of December.  The original script was shelved and Joss wrote something else entirely.  Something less of an epilogue and more of a potential springboard to a series return.  Due to that and some other time constraints and projects, there was signifigant delay. Distribution stuff bogged down the works. Look for a few more official type snippets at the usual sources... "

"You will be hearing some stuff on the OB towards the end of this month... All the plans etc are still in place, they were just delayed while details were ironed out.

"There is still more legal stuff to get through, but I trust that Joss will deliver us the Big Damn Movie and makes us proud. : )

Can I just say that the best gorram words I've heard in a long long time were, "potential springboard to a series return."(!!!!) Jing-tsai!

Also does this mean that the script that Joss wrote in November and December and called "The hardest thing I've ever written." was thrown out?? Wow.

February 10, 2004

Aint-it-cool-news has the following update:

Buzz inside certain Los Angeles law firms suggests that talent contracts are being hammered out, and they’re timed around a May start for an upcoming Universal feature about a starship captain, a space hooker, a mysterious preacher and a pair of fugitives named Tam. The bad news: under the scenario discussed, “Firefly: The Movie” wouldn’t hit multiplexes until late 2005."

On the rumor likely hood scale I'd peg this at about a 7. Ain't it cool is usually pretty well connected. Late 2005 sounds good to me. That gives 'em just enough time to prep for the 2006 TV season ;).

If (dare I say when?) the final word comes down about the movie being greenlighted, I plan to transform into a grass roots marketing engine for the movie, and hopefull subsequent transition back into a TV show or a direct-to-dvd series.

February 7, 2004

In case you missed it, Chris Buchanan the President of Mutant enemy posted a message on the OB that can best be described as "no news is good news". Here is what he had to say:

"Hi" to all Browncoats.
Sit tight.
All is well.
All are very busy.
Train is still on the tracks.
Boulder almost to the top of the hill.
No real news until everything is in place.
Patience is indeed a virtue.
Love is the universal language.

February 3, 2004

There is an unsubstantiated rumor on the OB (official board) that "The Movie is a GO!" I suspect it's more of a rumor-echo based on the news item from two days ago that Universal is "on board". These things tend to bounce around the internet and get exaggerated. So don't get too excited until we hear from a real authority.

February 1, 2004

TV Duds Rate as Studs in DVD Market - Reuters/Billboard (several positive Firefly mentions)

The Letter writing campaign has been put on hold for now. We have received word from a couple of sources that Universal is, at this point, on board with movie, and that the current stumbling block is elsewhere. So as a result, we have been asked to put our letter writing campaign directed toward Universal on hold for now. Thanks to all those that participated, I'm convinced it has helped. In the mean time, feel free to follow through with our other guerilla marketing ideas, and continue converting friends, family and complete strangers to the Firefly fold.

January 30, 2004

Worldwide letter writing campaign starts today!

January 25, 2004

Joss Whedon posted a message over on It's always nice to hear from the all mighty one. But it sounds like he's having problems (presumably with getting the movie greenlighted, or at least that was the implication.) So, if you haven't written to Universal or followed up on any guerilla marketing missions. Do it now!!

On an unrelated note... only 10 more to go on the poster if you want to get 3 with your order.

anuary 18, 2004

I've created an Unofficial Firefly movie teaser poster (no this doesn't necessarily mean the show has been greenlighted). If I can get at least 100 orders, I'll get them printed up.

It's been created at full poster res (27" by 40" at 300 dpi) and will be printed on a real offset press (at 150lpi). Not to worry, I'm not trying to profit off of you all, I would be making less than dollar per poster for my time. An interesting quirk about printing, is that 500 posters cost nearly the same as 100, so for the first 100 orders, I'll include 3 posters! (Guerilla marketing tip - Put your extras in public places!)

If you are interested in ordering a poster, click here.

In other news - is reporting that Firefly for Region 2 (UK), is due to be released on April 4, 2004. (thanks Dave)

I've updated several sections of the site today - enjoy (especially the Guerilla Marketing section!)

On the Direct-to-DVD front, we have gathered over 2000 names of people interested in buying new episodes of Firefly on DVD. Not too bad considering our budget of exactly $0.

January 16, 2004

Due to a busy work schedule, I've been a bit slow updating the site. Thank you all for the complements, and more importantly thank you for your participation in our guerilla marketing activities. Very soon, I'll be posting all of the cool ideas and things you've all been sending my way. I've even been slow watching the DVDs and I just watched Trash for the first time tonight. Gorammit I love this show!! (Two more unwatched episodes to go, then I'll be REALLY sad.)

*chanting* Mooovie...Mooovie...Mooovie...Mooovie...

January 11, 2004

The DVDs are "doing really well"! And "official" movie news should be coming soon!

From Chris Buchanan (President of Mutant Enemy):

We are getting pretty close on the movie and hopefully we'll have some "official" news soon.  It seems that the DVDs are doing really well (e.g. better than Fox anticipated) and that there have been significant re-orders (an unusual thing for this type of program).  Of course, we weren't that surprised but what can you do. 

 We really appreciate all of the fan efforts on the show's behalf and I am personally helping out on the DVDs to soldiers’ project.  So just tell everybody and thanks for all their efforts. I read the boards daily and all of the great local input (where the DVDs are sold out, what the reviewers are saying about the set, etc.) is always helpful.

 Universal seems to be willing to make the movie (crossing fingers, touching wood, lighting candles), but we still have a few (non-creative) hurdles to cross.

"Significant re-orders" is music to my ears. Let's keep up the efforts.

January 10, 2004

Shockingly sad news; friend, all-around great guy and Firefly uber-fan Kerry Pearson (aka Lux Lucre) has died. He will be sorely missed.

His sister has the following advice:

- If you are sick with diabetes or asthma or any
other treatable disease, treat it. NOT treating
your disease affects more than just yourself.
- If you have a hunch follow through with it. I
don't care what anyone tells me. I SHOULD
have woken Kerry and made him go the hospital
in the morning. I SHOULDN'T have waited. I will
wonder why for the rest of my life.
- Exercise
- Get out, experience life.
- Love your family. Kerry was 40, I'm 33 I thought
I had all kinds of time with him. I took him for


Chris and Adam: I think Lux needs a dedication in the movie credits.

January 6, 2004

Updates will be slow for the next few days because I'm going to MacWorld conference followed by the Consumer Electronics Show. Keep flyin'!

January 3, 2004

'Lost' episodes afterlife for canceled TV - USA TODAY
TV On DVD - The Top 5 -

December 29, 2003 goes live! Also and mirror this site.

Recent Firefly News

Joss announced at the LA Comic Convention that he has finished the script for the Firefly movie with the words "It was the hardest thing I've ever written."

Download the audio of the LA Comic Convention.


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