Digital Signage Hand Sanitizer Kiosks Promote Healthy Habits

digital sanitizer kiosk

In New York, a Digital Signage hand sanitizer kiosk promotes healthy habits. The kiosks are contactless and can be accessed from anywhere. Users can change the content at any time because they use cloud-based software to update content. This is a great way to promote healthy habits. In addition, the kiosks are highly customizable. You can change the content of the kiosks to suit the needs of your customers.


The XM Aegis Series Digital Sanitizer is an example of a high-quality hand sanitizer kiosk. It has an in-built thermal detector and facial recognition technology that can detect the presence of a face up to four meters away. Its accuracy is +/ 0.2 degrees Celsius, and it can scan people even with masks on. Another feature of this type of kiosk is its ability to work with a wireless network and push content through an internet portal.

The touch-free hand sanitizer kiosk has a metal enclosure and is a touch-free device. The hand sanitizer dispenser comes in several fragrances to match the environment. The kiosk can be free-standing or mounted on a wall, depending on the space available. Digital Signage Hand Sanitizer Kiosks are designed with the end-user in mind. You can easily change the content on-screen.


A touchless digital sanitizer kiosk makes it easy for consumers to use personal hygiene products and communicate health and safety protocols to the public. The touchless digital sanitizer kiosk is a perfect solution for areas where high traffic is high, like at the entrance of a building or in a common area. They come in a variety of sizes, from 15″ to 22″ and are easily moveable for convenient placement anywhere on a premises.

Besides providing health benefits, these kiosks can also provide educational and advertising content. With the prevalence of the Covid19 virus, companies are developing new technology to combat this virus. This technology can also improve consumer/business relationships. The demand for hand sanitizer kiosks continues to grow in many locations. But, how can a business use such a kiosk to its fullest potential? Below are three benefits of a digital sanitizer kiosk.


Conveniently positioned in common areas and high traffic areas, touchless digital sanitizer kiosks are ideal for public spaces. They can be wall-mounted or set up on a stand and feature built-in Android media player. With the help of a remote control software, operators can also add real-time website, RSS, or social media feeds. These touchscreens can display the time, date, and status of a dispenser without a user having to physically visit the kiosk to refill the supplies.

The configuration of digital sanitizer kiosks can be customized to include a logo and other custom branding. Users can view advertisements and messages, or even sign up for a special training package. These kiosks can also be placed at different locations in the gym, making them ideal for promoting the fitness center’s services. They are easy to install, and they can be controlled remotely from a head office or remote location. For increased flexibility, owners can set up several kiosks to have a centralized admin dashboard.

Touch screen

A digital sanitizer kiosk with touch screen is an attractive solution for high-traffic areas. Its sleek design is a great choice for wall-mounted or floor-standing environments. These kiosks can feature a touch screen or a non-touch display, and can be used in a variety of settings, from lobbies to gaming rooms and hospitality systems. They also feature a touchscreen or a non-touch display and are available in a wide range of sizes. A touch screen model can also be used for displaying information about products and services, promotions, and offers.

The Kuusoft touchscreen hand sanitizer kiosk pairs an interactive touch screen with a 1,000-ml refillable hand sanitizer dispenser. Integrated sensors help the kiosk detect when people are reaching its touch screen and automatically dispense the liquid. It is powered by NexSigns Digital Signage solutions and can be updated via a web portal. It also contributes to slowing the spread of diseases like COVID-19.

Wipe holder

A Wipe holder for digital sanity dispenser can be installed in a variety of locations. It can be mounted on a freestanding kiosk, wall, or other structure to provide a quick, convenient way for customers to sanitize their hands. These dispensers can be used to provide hand sanitizer to employees, customers, or visitors. There are several benefits to purchasing this type of dispenser.

The iView Clean Hand Sanitizer Station was recently named one of the “Hot Products” for 2020 by Religious Product News. The kiosk also displays updated information on the coronavirus pandemic, including the steps to clean hands with the wipes. The SaniSign Digital’s high-resolution LED billboard displays an advertisement above the wipes. The kiosk is located in a heavily-trafficked area of a store, allowing the advertising message to be seen by thousands of customers each day. The digital kiosk also allows advertisers to change their ads whenever they see fit.