How to Make the Most of a Trade Show Digital Kiosk

trade show digital kiosk

A trade show digital kiosk is an excellent tool for attracting trade show attendees. It can be used for several purposes, from displaying customer testimonials to directing attendees to your booth. Some kiosks even display branded thumb drives for customers to take with them. To learn more about the possibilities for digital kiosks, keep reading. The following sections will offer some tips for setting up a trade show digital kiosk. Let us help you make the most of your booth.

Interactive digital signage improves sales

Interactive digital signage provides customers with access to information they are seeking to increase their sales at a trade show. It improves the customer experience and bottom line by providing them with more useful information. Some locations are difficult to navigate, and even underground parking garages can be confusing for first time visitors. Interactive digital signage is a great way to guide people to their desired location and provide important information, such as parking information. Customers can even scan a QR code on a display for more information.

If you’re considering using interactive digital signage at your next trade show, make sure you know all of the benefits it provides. The software behind interactive digital signage is the key to its success. Without it, the system cannot be interactive or connected to external sources. Software can also provide insight into the effectiveness of different marketing campaigns and improve ROI. There are several software options available to help you set up an interactive digital signage system at a trade show.

It can display customer testimonials

You can use real-life customer testimonials at trade shows to promote your product or service. Writers, who are trusted sources, can offer great insights into the customer experience. If you’re unable to recruit real-life customers, you can also record customer testimonials on Skype and post them in your exhibit. These recorded videos can then be viewed on demand by prospects. In addition to displaying testimonials at trade shows, you can also include them in door drops and pre-show solicitations, and even VIP invitations.

If you’d like to generate more sales through social proof, consider displaying customer testimonials on your trade show digital kiosk. Those testimonials are especially effective when it comes to product promotion, since people want to see proof of how good something is. This way, you’ll increase customer engagement and sales by featuring rotating reviews and short soundbites. But if you’d like to get more creative, you can turn your logo into a rotating graphic or use the digital kiosk to feature your company’s core values.

It can direct trade show attendees to your booth

Before the show, create a list of attendees that fit your audience profile. This list should contain those who will be at the trade show, those who are likely to buy from you, and people who have a similar demographic to your target audience. You can obtain this information by reviewing recent contacts, social media accounts, office visits, and phone calls. Additionally, make sure to contact trade show management and attendee lists from last year.

A classic contest involves having trade show attendees guess the number of jelly beans, M&Ms, beads, or coins hidden in a jar. Participants can then write their guess on the back of a business card and drop it in a box at your booth. Winners are announced at the end of the trade show. This activity keeps attendees interested, and they will return to your booth to find out if they’ve won. You’ll also generate a lead list and contact information.