How to Pack a Box for Shipping Like a Pro

Can I make my own box for shipping

Using the right-sized box for shipping is important to protect your products and reduce shipping costs. To determine the box size, use a tape measure and a long straight edge ruler.

Having the correct box size will also help you save on freight, wastage, labor and additional packaging filling like packing peanuts. It will also allow you to have a custom one-of-a-kind unboxing experience for your customers.


If you want to ship items through the mail, you need to follow specific packing guidelines. This will ensure that your package arrives at its destination without damage. You’ll also need the right shipping supplies, including boxes and tape. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know to pack your boxes for shipping like a pro.

Pakible is a Y Combinator-backed startup that allows businesses to design and order their physical packaging online. The company offers a range of products, from custom shipping boxes to paper bags and labels. Its e-commerce platform lets users upload their designs and customize them with their own logo, taglines, and website links.

It’s important to choose the right box for your product. A sturdy, durable box will protect the item from damage and keep it safe during transit. It should also have enough room to accommodate additional padding in case the item is dropped or jostled during transit.

When choosing a box, measure the dimensions of your product to make sure that it fits. It’s also helpful to review major U.S. shipping providers’ box size restrictions, as oversized boxes are often subject to extra charges. In addition, it’s a good idea to use a box that’s slightly larger than your product, so you can add additional space for padding.


If you want to ship items like a pro, it is important to follow best practices for packing and shipping. This will help ensure that your package arrives at its destination in pristine condition, and save you money on returns and lost packages. Using the right packing materials and methods is also crucial. The following tips can help you pack a box for shipping like a pro:

When it comes to product packaging, you want something that stands out and is memorable. This is the kind of packaging that customers will share on social media, show to their friends, and feel special opening. Having the right packaging can make or break your brand, so it is essential to find a supplier that can up your game.

Packwire has a variety of options to help you create the perfect box for your products. They offer several different sizes, types, and styles to choose from, as well as customization services for each box type. They also provide a range of finishes and materials to suit your needs.

The team at Packwire understands that you can’t ship your products without the proper packaging, so they offer fast production times to get your order out quickly. You can even add your logo to the inside of your box for a branded unboxing experience. Their boxes are made in North America, and many of them use recycled materials.

Pristine Printing

A well-made box protects the item inside and reduces shipping costs by keeping the package light. The box should be the right size for the item and have a flat bottom. It should also be made of sturdy cardboard to prevent it from collapsing in transit. A good place to start is by measuring the item and determining its height, width, and length. Use a tape measure to do this and write down the measurements. It is best to add an extra inch for padding, but be sure the size of the box falls within major carrier guidelines.

Pristine Printing can help you create custom boxes that will fit your products perfectly. Their in-house graphic designer will work with you to make a professional design that follows your branding guidelines. The process is easy and efficient, and they can provide real-time revisions until you are satisfied.

To make a custom box for your business, you will need second hand cardboard, a box cutter and packing tape (in a dispenser works best). Begin by breaking down the box and cutting out the tabs on top and bottom. Next, fold the base flaps so they overlap with the flaps on one side and tape them together. If you are storing heavier items, you can reinforce the base by adding an extra layer of packing paper or bubble packaging.

Kraft Packaging

Kraft packaging is a great way to show your customers that you care about the environment. It is a durable and sturdy material that protects the products inside, while also highlighting your brand. It is also eco-friendly and recyclable, making it an ideal choice for sustainable businesses. Moreover, you can print on a kraft box with soy-based ink to further improve the green credentials of your company. You can also cut windows into a kraft box to increase visibility of your product.

Whether your product is an edible or not, a box is the first thing that consumers see when they receive your package. That’s why it is important to choose the right shipping box for your business. Using custom-printed Kraft boxes is an excellent way to make your product stand out and create a positive unboxing experience.

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The kraft process uses unbleached wood pulp, which makes the paper look more natural and rustic. This is ideal for brands that use minimalism in their design concept and want to reflect a natural, raw feel. The rough texture of kraft paper also resonates with customers looking for an environmentally-friendly product.

The kraft box’s natural color and texture also makes it perfect for printing. Its rough surface holds ink better than other materials, and you can add a personalized touch with a logo or mascot. You can even choose a custom cutout to make your box truly stand out. A custom cutout requires a one-time setup cost for the die, but is well worth it in the long run.