Lumina Grand EC – The Perfect Choice For Families With a Focus on Education

lumina grand ec

Lumina Grand EC’s proximity to several highly regarded schools makes it an excellent choice for families that prioritize education. Eliminating long commutes allows children to achieve academic excellence in an atmosphere conducive to learning.

At the Bukit Batok community club, residents can discover new hobbies and interests. This facility offers workshops, classes and activities designed to support holistic development.

Strategic Location

HDB upgraders may find Lumina Grand EC an attractive prospect due to its proximity to shopping centres in Bukit Batok Town and Jurong, its affordability, value-appreciation potential in Bukit Batok’s ever-evolving landscape, affordability and value-appreciation potential – not forgetting its closeness to Jurong Region Line (JRL) that promises further increases its attractiveness as a residential area.

Lumina Grand’s convenient proximity to an array of top schools is another significant draw for families who prioritize education. This rare urban amenity ensures children can receive top-tier instruction without long commutes.

Residents will also enjoy access to the community club, offering workshops and classes designed to foster holistic learning. Residents can use this venue to discover new interests or expand existing passions while building a sense of community among fellow residents.

Convenient Bus Network

Lumina Grand provides residents with unmatched convenience due to its closeness to bus networks. Situated close to Bukit Batok MRT station and multiple bus interchanges, residents can travel effortlessly around Singapore.

Jurong Region Line (JRL) brings advanced connectivity options closer to Lumina Grand. Residents will enjoy more flexibility in their daily lives while improving the quality of life for themselves and others in Lumina Grand.

Lumina Grand’s proximity to IMM and Big Box shopping centres ensures residents enjoy an unparalleled lifestyle of accessibility, diversity and vibrant city living. Offering an extensive selection of products suitable for families.

Parents seeking an international education for their child(ren) will find great comfort knowing Lumina Grand is within close proximity of renowned institutions like Princess Elizabeth Primary School. Known for their dedication to academic excellence and personal development, this world-class institution features an international curriculum as well as cutting-edge facilities that offer world-class learning experience.

Eco-Friendly Environment

Lumina Grand EC stands out as more than an executive condominium; it provides an unforgettable lifestyle, making it the ideal choice for HDB upgraders. With its multitude of amenities such as Smart Home living facilities, safety elements and recreational provisions – together creating an experience like no other found in Singapore.

Lumina Grand EC is an ideal place for families that value education, with numerous renowned schools nearby like Princess Elizabeth Primary School that focus on academic excellence and character formation. Tertiary institutions also are conveniently nearby so families don’t need to worry about long commutes for university enrollments.

Residents living near JRL can also opt for eco-friendly commuting via the MRT instead of driving, helping reduce carbon emissions while upholding national commitments toward creating a more sustainable future.

Reputable Schools

Lumina Grand EC’s proximity to esteemed schools makes it an attractive option for families that place great value in education. This rarity in urban environments enables residents to enjoy world-class learning without lengthy commutes.

Bukit Batok Secondary School, situated nearby to Lumina Grand, is well-regarded for its dedication to character education, academic achievements and leadership development. These tools enable students to make educated decisions for their futures while nurturing them into responsible adults.

Keming Primary School, situated close to Lumina Grand and offering high levels of creativity and character development is another popular option among parents. Equipped with modern facilities and passionate educators to foster an engaging learning environment.

Dulwich College is another premier international school located close to Lumina Grand. Boasting a global ethos and state-of-the-art facilities, this institution provides an unmatched international education experience. For teenagers interested in pre-university study, Millennia Institute provides courses tailored specifically for each individual’s interests and capabilities.

Community Club

Lumina grand ec is strategically positioned close to some of Singapore’s premier shopping malls, making it more than just a residential complex. Being close to Bukit Batok and Jurong town centres allows residents to live a convenient, luxurious life close to city’s vibrant energy.

The EC is within easy access of several bus interchanges and MRT stations, making travel around Singapore convenient without relying on cars. Furthermore, Jurong Region Line (JRL) will enhance Lumina grand ec’s connectivity even further making getting to work and other key locations in Singapore much simpler than before.

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These hubs not only offer shopping opportunities but also boast an abundance of entertainment choices – JEM Cinema shows the latest blockbusters while Westgate Play Zone keeps children active throughout the weekend. All these amenities make shopping at Lumina Grand EC an absolute joy for its residents; furthermore, its proximity to highly acclaimed schools adds another perk for families that prioritize education.