Optimizing Search SEO Results for Your Small Business

SEO is probably one of the most misunderstood topics in the world of online business. People think they know what SEO is, but really they don’t. In fact, SEO is much more than most people realize. The following are eight keys to making money with SEO, but first, we must lay the groundwork for a clear understanding of what SEO is and isn’t.


SEO isn’t a simple subject, which is why many wrong notions have popped up throughout the years. One of the most common misconceptions is that SEO means “search engine optimisation”. Though search engine optimisation is certainly a factor of success, it’s important to examine beyond just whether or not a site holds the top or second spot on the big search engine results pages (SERPs). Search engine traffic simply isn’t all about pulling up the best results, and the fact is that most SEO work is geared towards driving up traffic.

When people say that SEO is about search engine optimization, they’re referring to two things. First off, there is the SEO aspect of the equation. This refers to things like keyword research, link building and meta tags. These are all factors which directly affect how well your site ranks for a particular keyword. The real value in SEO is in the relationship between these various factors. Keyword research, for example, will improve a site’s ranking for a particular key term, but it will do nothing for the rest of the search results.

Keyword research is a great example of how seo works – in this instance, there is no direct relationship between keyword rankings and traffic. What matters is the volume of visitors a site receives. In order to get a site ranked highly for a key term, you need to see a lot of traffic. There are a number of methods used to analyze this. Google Analytics is probably the best known, but there are others. Some webmasters even subscribe to Google Analytics for a monthly fee.

However, even after you’re able to analyze seo trends and see what works, you still need to do a bit of manual work in order to improve your rankings. One of the main reasons that sites sometimes fail to rank highly for certain keywords is that their pages aren’t as optimized as they could be. A site owner who believes in seo mostly likely doesn’t believe in on-page optimization. He or she would much rather have users going to his or her website where they can find the information they’re looking for.

Fortunately, there are several tools available that make analyzing seo trends easier, but they don’t come cheap. Google Analytics is by far the most popular of these tools and it’s free. It provides several different analytical reports, including bounce rate, average location of visitors, click-through rate, time on page, and search engine results position. There are also several other in-depth resources that should be considered when working to improve rankings.

Google Analytics isn’t the only tool that’s necessary for optimizing seo efforts. A number of tools are also available that specialize in helping webmasters evaluate their seo strategy. These in-depth reports provide an individual with an in-depth look at their website’s organic traffic. Other tools are available that allow the user to analyze seo efforts on smaller scales. Some of these tools can be downloaded for free and provide granular analytics on SEO rankings, competitor traffic, and other related metrics. These additional resources can really help a small business to optimize their rankings and increase traffic.

In order to get the biggest bang for their SEO buck, many SEO pros recommend doing at least two things when setting up an SEO campaign. First of all, the SEO professional should always work on the marketing side of things. It’s imperative that the seo campaign has a solid marketing mix and is set up in a way that will result in increased exposure of the company’s products and services. There are many different types of marketing strategies that can be implemented, including PPC, social media, video marketing, banner ads, and so much more. Working to optimize SEO rankings takes a lot of creativity and knowledge about the different types of marketing strategies that are effective.

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