Tips For Renting a Wedding Gown in Novena SG

Many brides opt to rent their wedding gown in Novena SG, as renting offers them access to designer attire at an affordable cost. When considering renting, however, it is crucial that they read through and comply with all rental terms and conditions carefully.

Note that any gown rented must remain as is. Brides who require an exact fit should keep this in mind when considering renting their gown.

1. Look at All Your Possibilities

Wedding gowns can be expensive purchases that will only ever be worn once. If you prefer renting to buying, this could be the ideal solution if you don’t know exactly which style suits you best.

Rental boutiques such as Something Borrowed, Essex and Laine London provide an expansive selection of dresses from designers like Pronovias, Stella York Martina Liana and Shrimps for customers to browse before making their decision. Be sure to review each catalogue of dresses available and read reviews prior to making a selection decision.

Check your contract carefully to understand what’s included in the rental cost, to avoid any hidden charges after your wedding if something unexpected comes up – for instance if wine spilled onto the dress or it needs hemmed – depending on which company rents it to you, these may or may not be covered in its cost.

2. Be Clear About What You Want

Brides-to-be see their dress as more than a piece of fabric; it symbolizes their love story and marks the start of a new chapter in their lives. Many purchase dresses with the intention of passing them down through generations – renting may prevent that sentimental value being preserved.

Before making your final choice, be sure to research the rental service’s terms and conditions carefully. Find out about their return policy as well as any fees applicable if the dress is damaged during its time in your possession. Allow as much leeway as possible should a gown not suit your occasion!

3. Be Prepared for Changes

Wedding gowns often hold great sentimental value and form part of their family history; therefore, renting may not make financial sense for these brides.

Renting doesn’t give you as much flexibility when it comes to altering the gown compared to purchasing, although you may still make some minor alterations using safety pins, but you won’t have access to a tailor who can ensure that it fits perfectly for your big day.

Your liability also extends to any minor damage to the dress (from busted seams to wine spills). Please read through and understand the rental company’s terms and conditions in order to know what fees may apply in advance.

4. Keep a Napkin in Your Bag

Many brides feel strongly connected to their wedding gown and want to protect it after the big day. If this option appeals, be sure to carefully read through your rental company’s policies as it could become costly should any damage occur to the dress during use.

Prepare yourself for the fact that there won’t be access to a tailor for alterations; this could prove troublesome if tight cinches bother you or require major adjustments.

Most rental services require that brides make their selection well in advance, giving them enough time to send your dress out and ensure it has been washed and pressed before your big day arrives.

5. Keep Your Emotions in Check

Brides often become emotionally charged during wedding dress shopping. This is understandable: brides’ dreams of walking down the aisle in designer gowns have likely been passed down for generations.

Managing emotions when speaking to brides-to-be can be tricky; comments that will hurt her may easily slip out, for example comments regarding body shape should be limited as this could be taken personally by her.

Renting gowns often comes with contracts that specify when and how it must be returned, along with any applicable damage charges. Brides renting their dream dress often find that renting is the ideal solution due to budget restrictions; reading these carefully can help them make an informed decision that works for their situation. Renting can also provide brides who cannot afford purchasing one with additional financial flexibility and ease.